De Toren Private Cellar Délicate

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Tasting Notes
De Toren Délicate reveals an exemplarily sensory pleasure of fresh, luscious red strawberries with deep, elegant flavors and a mystical aroma of cinnamon. This silky-smooth Malbec-dominated blend is a superbly fresh, light-styled red blend that reveals its exquisite nature when served slightly chilled. The gentle balance of acidity gives this wine its unique character of being fresh, youthful and light.

Food Pairing
Perfect for salad, tapas or cheese platter, homemade jams.

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De Toren Private Cellar at a glance...

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance…

De Toren saw that complexity can be found through design. The design of the De Toren Fusion V and De Toren Z’s blends were decided upon. The vines were then planted to match the makeup of the blend. Creating a blended wine is like painting, with each texture, aroma, and flavor a different color. The De Toren palette is made up of a selection of soils, rootstocks, vines, grapes, and barrels.

These grapes are handpicked in the first two hours of daylight and immediately taken to a cool room to preserve their flavor and freshness. Only these two hours are used for picking, the rest of the 10-hour harvest workday is spent inspecting and selecting the best grapes for the cellar. Every beautiful, fault-free berry that makes it into a bottle of De Toren wine has to pass through 23 different checkpoints. There are no shortcuts to perfection.

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