De Toren Z Magnum 2015

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This soft, approachable ruby-hued beauty is a true testament to vines lovingly reared and winemaking raised to an art form. A Right Bank-style Bordeaux blend, De Toren Z comprises a symphonic blend of five Bordeaux varietals. You’ll find it tantalizingly soft on the tongue, with a hint of aniseed, liquorice, raspberry and cranberries lending a fresh acidity to its polished finish… plus, of course, all the finesse that makes Bordeaux-style wines so prized among the world’s most enthusiastic wine lovers.

Food Pairing
roast lamb, with garlic, rosemary, and a hint of honey lemon.

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De Toren Private Cellar at a glance...

Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance…

De Toren saw that complexity can be found through design. The design of the De Toren Fusion V and De Toren Z’s blends were decided upon. The vines were then planted to match the makeup of the blend. Creating a blended wine is like painting, with each texture, aroma, and flavor a different color. The De Toren palette is made up of a selection of soils, rootstocks, vines, grapes, and barrels.

These grapes are handpicked in the first two hours of daylight and immediately taken to a cool room to preserve their flavor and freshness. Only these two hours are used for picking, the rest of the 10-hour harvest workday is spent inspecting and selecting the best grapes for the cellar. Every beautiful, fault-free berry that makes it into a bottle of De Toren wine has to pass through 23 different checkpoints. There are no shortcuts to perfection.

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