New Harbour Distillery Mix Case

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New Harbour Distillery Mix Case is a combination of Copper Catalysed Vodka, Rooibos Infused Gin, Spekboom Gin.They produce a range of different Gin’s and Vodka’s, in small batch, every month for their customers at a commercial level as well as for gifts, events, and other special occasions.


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New Harbour Distillery at a glance...

We’re an experimental craft distillery located in Cape Town pursuing better craft spirits through science.


“When you find the right combination of art, science and chemistry, you see an opportunity to do something exceptional, a chance to create something as unique as the South African landscape. Vodka and Gin is something you can put your own stamp on and be as imaginative as you want to be. Therefore when choosing our name, New Harbour Distillery, I wanted people to know our spirits are made in Woodstock, the old industrial heart of Cape Town harbour.
New Harbour Distillery is a company of creative scientific individuals who manufacture high quality artisan spirits, mainly Vodka and Gin. Our spirits are handcrafted in small batch using a combination of modern innovative and experimental distilling techniques, which is a harder way to distil, but in the end produces a product in our eyes that is vastly more authentic and superior.
At New Harbour Distillery we follow a strict carbon neutral philosophy. This means all our by-products are recycled and reused in our distillery and greenhouse, and supplied to city farms as fertiliser, animal feed and general cleaner. In return we source fresh and natural ingredients for our Vodka infusions and Gin selections from these organic farms and suppliers as well as grow our own fresh natural ingredients on site with a hydroponic greenhouse.”

Pink Gin
Summer is almost upon us and it’s the perfect time to start making your own cocktails at home. This week’s Easy-at-Home cocktail episode is dedicated to all things spring and summer and just by looking at this drinks gorgeous pink glow you can see why we thought it is an appropriate fit.

Tours and Tastings
Step into our Gin Lab and our quint Micro Distillery with a tasting and tour. Here you’ll see everything from our Pilot scale vacuum distillation unit, called a Rotary evaporator, to our custom built glass stills and Modular fractional distillation columns

Make your own Gin
Want to know how gin is made? We teach you how in this quick overview of one of spirits greatest artisan revivals – making your own gin from scratch. Learn about the history and different types of Gin, from Old Tom to London Dry, as well as all the different manufacturing techniques, and what effects different botanicals have on your Gin flavour with an guided tasting by our Master Distiller

Spirits Lab Mixology
Master the art and science of taking the neutral base of a white spirit such as gin, vodka or rum, and infusing it with matching herbs, fruit and spices. Our Master Distiller will be your mixologist Sensei teaching you the basics and helping you create your own unique flavoured vodkas, gins, bourbon or liqueurs with our DIY Infusion course. The course includes:
Course material
Booklet with recipes
1 bottle of New Harbour Distillery Vodka
DIY infusion kit.

Marigold cocktail – With Spekboom Gin
Nothing makes us feel more fancy-fine than springtime, thanks to warmed-up weather and best of all the romance of a world in bloom. In anticipation of spring’s arrival (any day now, Mother Nature!), we’re adding a dash of flora to groom-up cocktails that we’ll sip and sniff on with equal pleasure.

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