Whole: Bowl Food For Balance – Cookbook

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Food is not the enemy and neither is your body.

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Taking the time to get to know your body, treating it with respect and nourishing it with real fresh food is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Eating mindfully, cutting out processed foods and embracing the foods that fuel you and leave you feeling energised are all part of the journey to finding happiness with food.

The nearly 90 recipes included in this book are packed with nourishment, providing healthy, balanced and easy meals in a bowl. Many of the recipes are vegan or vegetarian, or can easily be adapted to suit either lifestyle choice. But there is plenty for the meat-eater too, with the added bonus that not only does the food look inviting and uplifting for the soul, it’s good for your body too. There are also snippets of information about some of the ingredients to inform your food choices and why eating fresh, whole foods will benefit you.

Melissa Delport is a Cape Town-based food photographer and blogger who loves to travel. Her food career started when she entered a cooking competition in South Africa. Her love of food was born while learning to cook at her mother’s and grandmother’s knees. After years as a fad dieter, Melissa discovered the path to health and wellbeing. Linking this directly to food and working with health coach Nikita Stallbom, Melissa’s new mindset of mindful consumption was integrated into her food philosophy. Learning to release fear around mealtimes, coupled with her knowledge of food and a desire to share this way of eating, the concept of Whole: Bowl Food For Balance was born, Melissa’s first cookbook.


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The Truffle Journal at a glance...

This is Melissa Delport, sharing her personal journey into health and wellness.  She has discovered balance and health in  her life and she wants to share her journey with you.

Melissa is a professional photographer that loves to bake, travel and take photos. She live in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful places on earth. So if you are obsessed with food, travel and a good time you have come to the right place because you will find amazing recipes and stories of adventures on her blog!

She works with restaurants, accommodation and amazing brands as both a Photographer and Influencer and she would love to hear from you.

She works as a full time professional photographer and should you require her services you have come to the right place. She also works as a food stylist and do catering for boutique private functions. If blog posts are sponsored She will make mention of this and if you are interested in having your brand seen on The Truffle Journal pop her a mail, She would love to collaborate.

All the recipes on her blog are tried and tested (several times) by either herself, a loved one or have been handed down from generation to generation. You will find nothing but tasty recipes, amazing restaurants and the best travel spots on her blog!

Follow her on social media if you want to stay in touch.

We hope you enjoy her recipes and adventures.

Always remember, make memories, make love and make food. Whatever the season. – by Melissa

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