Makoti Egyptian Cotton Duvet Set w/ Oxford Border

R 1,560.00 | 31,200 StyleMiles – R 2,975.00 | 59,500 StyleMiles

Single: 130 X 200 cm
Three Quarter: 150 X 200 cm
Double: 200 X 200 cm
Queen: 230 X 200 cm
King: 230 X 220 cm
X King: 230 X 250 cm
XX King: 240 X 260 cm


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Spoil yourself with our Timeless Egyptian Collection.  Our duvet sets in this collection is made from 100% Egyptian cotton sateen with a 500 thread count.  Sateen material have a soft touch with a beautiful shine.  The single and three quarter duvet set has one pillow case and all other sizes have two pillow cases.  The duvet cover and pillow cases come with an oxford border and double stitching. We can add any embroidery.

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Makoti at a glance...

Makoti is the Xhosa word for a young bride. Makoti products reflect this sentiment by providing you with a lifetime of service and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on delivering a product as unique as you. We believe that we are not only dealing with products but, importantly, with the people who use our products. This close relationship with our clients enables us to provide a superior service based on friendship and trust. If you are a person who enjoys life’s finer details, we welcome you to the world of Makoti.


Makoti down products manufactures top quality down duvets and a variety of pillows and health pillows. We also manufacture 100% percale and Egyptian cotton bed linen. We can custom make many duvet and bed linen sizes and can add high quality personalized embroidery. Makoti provides a special cleaning and revamping service for all down products to make your old down and feather products like new!

Makoti is a member of the European down & Feather Association (EDFA). Makoti goose down can be used by people allergic to house-dust mites and all products carry the NO-MITE label. This means that allergy, asthma and hay fever sufferers no longer need to give up the natural sleep comfort offered by down and feathers. There have been repeated false claims that there is a connection between the occurrence of allergic reactions to the house dust mite and the use of bedding filled with feathers and down. Representative studies in Central Europe, in which hundreds of homes, bedrooms, beds, duvets and pillows were examined for house dust mite infestation and allergen content, has found:


Feather- and down-filled bedding is not a preferred habitat for house dust mites. With normal care, hardly any house dust mites are found in these articles of bedding, as the dense down proof fabric represents an almost impenetrable barrier for the mites.


The favourable warm and climatic conditions offered by down bedding for humans (rapid accumulation of warmth while the person is sleeping, rapid decrease in humidity when the room is aired) are a very unfavourable habitat for mites, which need humidity.


In every home and in every bedroom, it is almost impossible to avoid house dust mites. They feed directly on the tiny flakes of skin which everyone constantly sheds. On the other hand, feathers and down do not provide any nutrients for mites.

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