Smoky Quartz Crystal Elixir

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All of our crystals and gemstones are fairly-traded & conflict-free – sourced from Mozambique, Brazil, Madagascar and the East.
They are 100% natural and will slightly vary in colour, shape and size.

Each glass bottle is hand blown & so there might be small imperfections in the glass – but, just like the crystals, each one is perfectly imperfect.

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Smoky Quartz Crystal Elixir is a powerful stone that emits a strong protective energy, by shielding against negative vibrations. A grounding stone, it has been known to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, self doubt and fear, by transforming these negative energies into positive ones. Smoky quartz is a stabilising stone, which instills security, confidence and inner strength within the user. The earthy coloured tones of smoky quartz reconnects one to the planet – bringing them ‘back down to Earth’ so to speak. Due to its anchoring energy, this stone helps one in their practical life & organisation, in their everyday enjoyment of life.

A protective neoprene SHIFT sleeve included with every bottle.
Glass water bottle holds 550ml – depending on the size of the crystal, the amount of water it holds will be slightly less than this
Please note this bottle is intended for water use only
Glass is made from lead-free, high borosilicate glass & is 100% BPA free, durable & eco-friendly
Lids are made from food-grade stainless steel 304
Glass bottle is dishwasher safe, lids to be hand washed
Measures approx 6,5cm x 24cm


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Shift Crystal Collective at a glance...

Crystals emit vibrational frequencies, which transform energy from disorganised to harmonic. A natural crystal is firmly fastened inside each of our glass bottles, which restructures the water, increasing its bio-availability & anti-oxidant potential.

Crystals emit vibrational frequencies, which transform energy from disorganised to harmonic. A natural crystal is firmly fastened inside each of our glass bottles, which restructures the water, increasing its bio-availability & anti-oxidant potential.
Such crystal elixirs have been used for millennia and are referenced in humankind’s earliest writings, noted for their use in promoting clarity, vitality & longevity.
Our crystal infusion bottle allows the unique energetic vibration of your chosen crystal to revitalise your water, helping you achieve inner harmony & deeper hydration – one sip at a time.
Providing a fusion of science & spirit, heart & mind, body & soul into your daily routine – with the raw energy of Mother Nature.

We are made up of +-70% water if you measure our body by weight & +-99% water if you measure us by the count of molecules within our body! But, the water within our cells is structured water. That is, the water molecules are highly organised & bond with one another in a repetitive, crystalline matrix. Modern day science has discovered that our idea of water existing in 3 phases is not complete – there’s a 4th phase of water that exists between liquid & solid, & it’s known by different names: structured water, liquid crystal water, EZ water, hexagonal water, living water. This structured water makes up most of our bodies.
The more crystalline our waters are, the healthier we are.

Structured water molecules are smaller than those of ordinary water (tap water or bottled water). When we drink ordinary water, its larger water molecules cannot penetrate our small cells of structured water, and so we don’t get instant cellular hydration.
Science has found that drinking structured water, however, with its smaller molecules, can penetrate our cells and provides us with deep, cellular hydration. This comes with a long list of benefits – from enhanced nutrient absorption, improvements in DNA function & metabolism to anti-aging, better sleep, better mood, higher energy levels etc.

In a very basic metaphor, we can see it like this: liquid water can either be a Microsoft Word file or a PDF file.
Word file = ordinary water. PDF = structured water.
Your body reads PDF as it’s default programme. If you send it a Word file, then your body first has to first use up it’s own energy to export this Word doc into a PDF before it can actually read it and use the file.

To send the file in PDF helps the body – because it can use the information instantly and save energy.

Water becomes structured by electromagnetic radiation.
Everything that emits energy can influence water – this is the very basis that makes life possible. It’s possible because water is dipolar – meaning that one end of its molecule is positively charged & the other end is negatively charged – and so the molecules move around & bond depending on the energy source affecting it.

We can see water molecules as “sticky” – the hydrogens from one molecule are also attracted to the oxygens of surrounding molecules – so, water molecules attract each other and tend to clump together in clusters, constantly assembling and disassembling bonds between each other.

When there’s the presence of an organised field, the water molecules bond with each other in a geometric, organised, repetitive crystalline matrix. This is structured, living water and it has different properties to ordinary water.

All crystals and gems emit their own vibrational frequencies / electromagnetic radiation.
Quartz crystals, for example, are piezoelectric. This means that when they are touched, they emit an electrical current. Their current is so steady, that we rely on them for most of our modern day technology!
(Cellphones, computer chips, clocks, watches, lasers, microphones, radios, television – all use quartz crystals to transfer energy!)
They are also pyroelectric – which means that when they are cooled or heated they emit an electrical current.

A crystal elixir is created when a crystal is added to water to energise it. The word ‘elixir’ means magical / miracle substance; an alchemical solution thought to provide the fountain of youth. They have been crafted for thousands of years, across the planet, and are mentioned in humankind’s earliest writings:
The Indian sages wrote about crystal elixirs in their oldest records, mentioning how they help to remove fear and their widespread benefits for health and wellness.

Quartz crystals each take millions of years to form – most are aged between 40 – 400 millions years old.
Each one is entirely unique, with its own signature vibration. Just as we use quartz crystals to store memory in computer chips, they are like the memory cards of our planet, that have been recording millions of years of the Earth’s growth & evolution – this is why Native Americans call them the braincells of Mother Nature.
Since the Earth is predominantly crystalline, we can see each crystal as a portal into Mother Nature’s consciousness.

When searching for life in outer space, scientists look for one thing: water. Water is life!
Modern science has uncovered that water not only ‘hears’ & responds to our thoughts but also holds memory.
Studies have found that water receives & makes an imprint of any outside influences – remembering everything that occurs in the space surrounding it. Any substance that comes into contact with water leaves a trace within it.
As magical as it sounds, scientists have found that water changes its molecular structure depending on what thoughts / feelings are sent to it. If positive thoughts of love & gratitude are sent to water, it responds by organising itself into beautiful, geometric, crystal structures. Similarly, negative thoughts affects the water creating unorganised molecules. They found that of all human thoughts that “love & gratitude” had the greatest effect on the harmonic structure of water.

Mother Nature provides us with structured, crystal-informed water. 71% of the planet’s surface is water & the Earth is mostly made up of quartz.
All rivers & springs naturally flow over crystals & this is one reason why spring water is the best – it’s been energised by the crystalline crust.
The SHIFT bottle is a mirror of the planet’s essence – your personal sacred spring that you can carry with you wherever you go.
The human skeleton is a solid crystal that emits piezoelectricity, just like quartz does. And it’s surrounded by mostly water.
It’s crystal clear – the SHIFT bottle is a mirror & reminder of your own, true essence.
When we feed our body crystal – informed water, as nature intended, the water within our own body is able to use this coherent, harmonic energy to restructure itself into higher form.
S H I F T your water —> S H I F T your life.
S H I F T your vibration —> S H I F T your manifestation.

World-renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell, studied the world’s religions & mythologies searching for the common message weaved through each one – which he found : We are each a living myth, here to become the hero of our own story by “following our bliss”
Our Bliss Bottles are the perfect companion along anyone’s journey.
FAR more than just a bottle, we prefer :

aqua altar / bliss bottle / liquid lover / crystal cleanser / water wand / aura aligner /magic mirror / divine device / sacred spring / positivity pulser / energy elevator / harmonic healer / vibration station

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