Peridot Beaded Ring

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Peridot Beaded Ring, A sterling silver ring with a Peridot stone and a beaded setting. Please specify your ring size with your order.


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Kinkel Jewellery at a glance...

Kinkel Jewellery is an expression and a statement of yourself that should never be generic.


Elegant Handmade Kinkel Jewellery
Kinkel Jewellery is an expression and a statement of yourself that should never be generic. I am a Professional Contemporary Jewellery Designer based in Cape Town who is passionate about creating elegant whimsical pieces with precision and finesse. Kinkel Jewellery is inspired by nature and its irregular geometry. Many of my pieces are inspired by South Africa’s rich fauna and flora. For an exquisitely unique, handmade jewellery experience take a look at Kinkel Jewellery.

I am Marleen Van Wyk, a creative, ambitious and bubbly lady from Cape Town who has a great love for jewellery design and all things creative. I finished my Jewellery design degree at Stellenbosch University in 2011, including a 6 month design course in Germany at the Pforzheim Design School where I learnt many exciting techniques. After my studies I travelled Europe for a year looking for some inspiration and then returned to the great SA to continue my jewellery career. I finished a two year Goldsmith Internship to sharpen my technical skills and learn some jewellery trade secrets. With this combination of design and technical skills I then created my own jewellery label, Kinkel Jewellery.

It is important to take good care of your jewellery to make them last longer and keep them sparkling. Silver will tarnish black over time when it comes in contact with air, moisture, chlorine, beauty products, perfume and cleaning products. Therefore protect your jewels as best you can from these products and keep them in a dry, safe place. The best way of keeping your jewellery shiny is to wear it, as it rubs on clothing etc. Wear your jewels as much as possible! In case of tarnishing one can clean it with a soft toothbrush with soap and warm water and dry it with a soft towel. Also take care of your gemstones by handling them with care and keeping them away from harsh chemicals. Pearls are particularly susceptible to damage and scratches easily. Feel free to come to the studio to get your jewellery polished free of charge or to purchase a polishing cloth.

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