Bamboo Revolution Original Natural Tan

R 830.00 | 16,600 StyleMiles

Small – 20cm

Large – 23cm


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Product Specifications:

Watch face size: 3,4cm X 4,5cm
Engraved bamboo dial
Gun metal rim, black hands and button
Available in two strap lengths
Available in three strap colours

Performance Features:

Splash proof
Japanese Miyota movement
Long-life, changeable battery
Genuine vegetable tanned leather strap
Spring bar, allowing for a changeable strap

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Bamboo Revolution at a glance...

Our aim was to take an everyday functional object and redesign it, whilst keeping fashion and sustainability a top priority. With ‘form follows function’ as our design mantra and our guiding principle, ‘simplicity’, we are committed to creating naturally beautiful and quality wristwatches, without the unnecessary detail and branding. We are focused on developing not just another wristwatch but rather a product and a brand that people feel good about wearing and sharing.

We are extremely passionate about the versatility and beauty of the bamboo material and are excited to share our Original Natural Wristwatch Range with you. We have great plans to continue growing our unique product offering.


Bamboo Revolution is one of the first wristwatch companies to develop a watch face made entirely from bamboo, with a genuine leather strap. Our bamboo wristwatches have unique characteristics; with an all bamboo-engraved watch face and a once-off serial number.

We aim to disrupt the traditional wristwatch market, in that a wristwatch made from bamboo can be a modern and stylish accessory, for both men and women, from all walks of life. At this stage, our Original Natural Range offers various strap options; combined with a neutral bamboo watch face, allowing you to express your personality and style.

Green Revoltion

Bamboo is a grass grows naturally and rapidly in the wild and does not require any fertilizer or pesticides to enable its growth. We are inspired by the strength and versatility of bamboo, with its multiple uses. You can eat bamboo, you can use it to eat, you can eat on it, you can wear it, and you can live under it. For this reason, we choose to use the bamboo material as the core component of the products that we offer.

Keeping in line with our mission, our packaging is hand-made and completely recyclable.


At Bamboo Revolution, we are proud supporters of South African enterprise. Our genuine vegetable tanned leathers are sourced locally and handcrafted into watchstraps at a local factory. Our in-house crafters are responsible for assembling the end product.

We pledge our support to a local greening initiative called ‘Greenpop’. Each month, a percentage of our proceeds are used to donate trees to this inspiring initiative. We strongly believe in creating a greener, more conscious and sustainable environment, which is why we chose to partner with Greenpop. Through our actions, we aim to inspire you to get involved and start doing!

Product features:

Vegetable tanned leather watch strap
Changeable watch strap
Carbonated bamboo watch case
Engraved bamboo dial
Japanese Miyota Movement
Long-life, changeable battery
Splash proof, not waterproof

1 year guarantee:

Your Bamboo Revolution wristwatch is guaranteed for one year from date of original purchase, against all defects in material or workmanship. Your guarantee does not apply to everyday wear and tear, abuse or water damage, and excludes the leather strap and lens. Your guarantee does not cover cost of labour, parts, defects or damage caused by any other source other than Bamboo Revolution. We strongly recommend that you contact us directly, should you incur any problems with your wristwatch. We unfortunately cannot take responsibility for any damage caused, if a non-appointed jeweller is utilized for repair of your wristwatch.
Please keep your dated guarantee card or proof of payment, as an indicator of your guarantee.

At Bamboo Revolution, we strongly believe in and support the idea of creating a greener, more conscious and sustainable environment. For this reason, we pledge our support to Greenpop, by donating a percentage of our proceeds to planting trees in areas that are in need of reforestation or afforestation.

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