AND UNION Teku Glass 425ml / Goblet

R 675.00 | 13,500 StyleMiles

Case of 6
425  ml Goblet

Earn 135 StyleMiles when purchasing this product.


Imported from Germany
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for professional use


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AND UNION at a glance...

Our story in one sentence

In 2007, we started to work hand-in-hand with different brew masters from small, regional Bavarian family-run breweries to create craft lagers & ales that we are not only proud to produce for our customers, but love to drink ourselves.

Why ‘Modernist?’

The basic principles of modernism are rationality and simplicity and the honest expression of the nature of materials and their quality. We love, live by, and follow this philosophy.

How We Do It

We are independent – we are a trio of a father, a son & his long time business partner & friend. We currently work with four small Bavarian breweries that are family-owned and run. We are small – we only partner with small regional breweries that produce between 30,000hl & 120,000hl per annum.

We are traditional – the oldest brewery we work with is almost 500 years old. The youngest brewery we work with is 90 years old. We make bier the old fashioned way with only barley, yeast, hops and water. You can’t rush craftsmanship, and that’s why our traditional brewing processes take up to 12 weeks. We believe in the quality of small batches and not the quantities of mega production. We obsess about aroma, flavour and balance, not economies of scale.

Our biers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, which allows for a fuller, richer taste and smoother mouthfeel. We don’t believe we can single-handedly change the world of beer as it exists, but with a little raw passion, blind optimism and reckless resolve, we can perhaps make a difference.

Generally speaking, any beer made by one of the big brewers is an industrial beer.

Brewers & Union Beer is brewed by craftsmen concerned with purity and selection of fine traditional malt ingredients. Industrial beer is brewed in mammoth megafactories and often contains rice or corn and sometimes artificial flavors, colours, thickeners or extracts.

Brewers & Union Beer is brewed in a variety of styles intended for different palates, foods and occasions. Industrial beer is stylistically very limited. Almost always a bland, pale lager.

Brewers & Union Beer is brewed for up to 16 weeks in small batches. Industrial beer is brewed on an industrial scale in huge volumes.

Brewers & Union Beer is brewed for flavour and aroma and is meant for people who appreciate good food and wine. Industrial beer is brewed for mass appeal or people not typically concerned with flavour, aroma or subtle nuances.

Brewers & Union Beer is intended to be appreciated with good food and good company. Industrial beer is cheap to get a buzz on.

Miles for Craft Beer

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