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Healing Earth is a premium organic spa brand inspired by Africa’s ancient energy, healing traditions and natural richness. They offer a holistic concept incorporating face & body products, therapies, international training and spa consultancy. They take a nurturing, conscious approach to beauty based upon love for oneself, humanity and our earth.

Healing EARTH™ products are pure, containing no artificial colours, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics or other harmful ingredients. Only pure organic botanicals and indigenous plant extracts are used in our holistic collection of products. Healing Earth supports local organic farming and use only pure, organic essential and indigenous oils and natural active ingredients.

Healing Earth was created by Elisabeth Brandt, a spa veteran previously involved with Wisdom of Africa, Sante spas, Serenite spas, Gochaganas and the St. Andrews Hotel & Spa in Johannesburg.

Today, the company focuses on rapid growth within the country, Africa as a whole and proudly bringing awareness of abundant African indigenous heritage to the world.


Healing Earth’s spa range has been developed with the insight gained from many years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, and caters directly to the needs of premium, holistic spas. Their products are divided into families that aim to address specific skincare needs: Kalahari Melon for hydration, Marula for softening and relaxing, African Ginger for slimming, Pinotage for its strong anti-oxidant qualities, African Potato for healing and repairing, and Mongongo Nut for detoxifying.

Product Development

All products are free from petrochemicals, synthetics, colourants, DEA, preservatives and parabens. All packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. No products have been tested on animals. Healing Earth pays fair trade prices to support organic farmers throughout the continent.

Their expert scientists responsible for product development are:

  • Louise Botes, Product Development: National Diploma Cosmetic Science, National Diploma Food Technology
  • John Knowlton, Toxicology & Quality Control: C. Chem, MRSC, Dip. Cos. Sci (GB)
  • John Hopkins, Toxicology & Quality Control: Bsc, PhD

Introducing the Healing Earth Foundation…

The Healing Earth Foundation is a non-profit branch of Healing Earth’s business that aims to nurture and develop conscious, healthy Earth children of all ages through opportunities that allow for connecting holistically with the self, the environment, and all beings.

The Foundation’s philosophy is based on five broad pillars of social and environmental wellbeing:
• Environmental Education & Activism
• Healing Movement
• Mindfulness
• Metaphysical Awareness & Self-Development
• Pampering & Self-Care

Beneficiaries include schools, child & youth care centres, old age homes, clinics/hospitals, community centres, animal welfare centres, and other places of refuge.

Healing Earth will be facilitating healing and education through a variety of modalities, including yoga, Nia, meditation and breath work personal development workshops, nutritional support and education, pamper sessions, vegetable gardens, nature hikes, tree plantings, beach clean-ups, alien vegetation removal, humane education, partnering with like-minded NPOs, and more.


The new Healing Earth “Big 5” collection of High Performance facial care products has been researched and developed by top experts in the industry to express exceptional results.

The exciting range includes:

A firming and rejuvenating TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE POLISH

A preparing and conditioning TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE TONER

A TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE MASK for the reduction of skin imperfections

A silky, gel-like TRI-ENZYME PEPTIDE SERUM to further reduce the visible signs of ageing

Because the Healing Earth philosophy has always been that one should never deplete the skin (by way of powerful active ingredients) without replenishing and repairing it back to its natural health, the product line-up also includes two powerful post-active-ingredient replenishing products (to be applied after the High Performance range):

A soothing and protecting aloe vera ACTIVE REPLENISH GEL (day)

A deeply replenishing AFRICAN POTATO BALM (night)

The result of over two years of innovative research into the techniques of delivery of active ingredients to deeper levels of the epidermis, the unique and patented High Performance products use powerful enzyme technology to gently dissolve the intercellular communication between epidermal layers, allowing for deeper penetration of the product and the reconditioning of the skin without compromising its barrier function with powerful peptides.

The active ingredients are drawn from three equally important fields: high-tech industry-approved technologies (such as pentapeptide 4 and a cocktail of high-dosage anti-ageing components including vitamin C, vitamin E, matrixyl, cranberry extact and more); the traditional wisdom of African healing(kigelia Africana, papaya enzyme, green tea oil and the like); and universal holistic tools (such as neem, moringa, lavender, rosehip and neroli oils, to name a few).

While the Healing Earth High Performance products are available for at-home use, the results-driven anti-ageing facial protocol is a unique professional spa offering. It is best that the client is prescribed the products by a trained therapist after a 60- or 90-minute professional High Performance facial immersion.

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