About the Ethiopian Airlines – ShebaMile Program

Miles For Style is proud to be in partnership with ShebaMiles, Ethiopian Airlines’ Loyalty Programme.

ShebaMiles serve to reward frequent flyers equitably through the accrual and redemption of Miles. These Miles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades and other rewards.

ShebaMiles offers five tiers – Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum – each tier provides members with exclusive benefits. Sign up now for your free membership!

The ShebaMile programme has recently revised what they call the most critical elements as prescribed by their members, to re-affirm loyalty and support but moreover to attract and retain most of its loyal database.

The much anticipated partnership with Miles for Style will address and focus on providing an aspirational element as well as innovations pertaining to dual redemptions in order to fulfill the customers’ requirements; a seamless best class online experience.

Earn miles and get the best of your ShebaMiles membership. You have now a world of opportunities in front of you to earn Miles!

From the Cape Winelands to all corners of our beautiful continent, come and redeem your dreams… at Miles For Style.

ShebaMile members can earn their ShebaMiles on a  1 : 6  ratio.

For example: 6 000 StyleMiles  =   1 000 ShebaMiles.

An unlimited amount of StyleMiles can be exchanged to ShebaMiles.


  • Become a StyleMile Member on milesforstyle.com.
  • Earn ShebaMiles on milesforstyle.com
  • Your ShebaMile account will be updated
  • Your StyleMile account will be updated with milesforstyle.com.
  • Fill your shopping cart with our stunning products.
  • Shop with your StyleMiles and Top up with your credit card if need be.

ShebaMiles – How It Works?

Learn about the ShebaMiles program to get the most out of your membership.


ShebaMiles Blue

  • Earn 3,000 status miles in one calendar year; or
  • Fly 2 qualifying segments.

ShebaMiles Silver

  • Earn 25,000 status miles in one calendar year; or
  • Fly 20 qualifying segments in one calendar year.
  • Collect Star Alliance Silver tier benefits on each flight after qualification

ShebaMiles Gold

  • Earn 50,000 status miles in one calendar year; or
  • Fly 40 qualifying segments in one calendar year.
  • Collect Star Alliance Gold tier benefits on each flight after qualification

ShebaMiles Platinum

  • Earn 100,000 status miles in one calendar year; or
  • Fly 80 qualifying segments in one calendar year.
  • Two years of tier validity after qualification in addition to the remaining of the qualification year.

Important Notes:

All miles earned do not qualify a member to a tier level. Miles that qualify a member to a Tier level are the ones called Status Miles. Each partner defines its Base Mile and Bonus Mile as Status Mile. Therefore, it is important for a member to plan which service to use so that miles accrue towards a tier level.

Once you qualify for Silver, Gold or Platinum Tier level, you will be able to start enjoying the Tier benefits across Star Alliance member carriers.

A member’s status is determined by the sum of Status Miles earned or the number of qualifying sectors flown during one calendar year. The current status of a member is a result of the number of status miles accrued or number of qualifying flights in the last calendar year.

No expiry for your Blue membership. However, Silver and Gold membership have a minimum of 12 months validity period. Platinum membership has a minimum of 24 months validity period.

ShebaMiles membership for Silver, Gold and Platinum tier is evaluated annually on December 31.