About StyleMiles

We welcome you to our StyleMile Loyalty Program


1.  How to become a StyleMile member.

Click on the “Register” button in the top gold bar of the website, or click here.

Your cellphone number will automatically become your membership number.


2.  Different levels of Membership and advantages thereof.


On enrolling onto the program you will become a Gold member.


You qualify to become a platinum member based on the balance of StyleMiles that you have in your account.

20 000 StyleMiles will qualify you to become a platinum member.

You will earn 1% spend back to your account on all purchases and these will appear in your StyleMile account.


You qualify to become a Diamond member based on the balance of StyleMiles that you have in your account.

40 000 StyleMiles will qualify you to become a Diamond member.

You will earn 2% spend back to your account on all purchases and these will appear in your StyleMile account.


StyleMile Benefits

Tier Discount % Earn to Qualify
Gold 0 % discount Entrance level
Platinum 1 % discount 20 000 StyleMiles and above
Diamond 2 % discount 40 000 StyleMiles and above

Membership cards will be issued in phase 2 of our program.


3. How many StyleMiles do I earn on a transaction?

1 StyleMile is earned for every R5.00 you spend.


4. How do I redeem my StyleMiles?

Click here

5. Returns

Please read our return policy.

Members may return products purchased and their StyleMiles will be credited back to their account.


6. To check your StyleMile balance

To check your balance you will need to login to your account and click on your account to see your statement.

Remember on check-out and once your payment has been approved, your StyleMiles will appear in your balance.


7. The validity of the StyleMile

Your StyleMiles are valid for 1 year from the month in which they are earned.  Thereafter they will expire and are forfeited.


8. The cost to the Member

There are no fees payable to become a StyleMile member.


9. Update on your Account

We encourage you to keep your email address and details of your account updated.  Sign into your account to do so.


10. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Miles For Style.  Our efficient and helpful team will gladly assist you.

Tel: +27(21)461 6632
Tel: +27(21)461 1183

Web-site live chat : www.milesforstyle.com
Email address:  admin@milesforstyle.com


11. Newsletter

It is our pleasure to keep you updated by our Newsletter which may offer various promotions and campaigns.  If you have not signed in to receive this letter please do so by clicking on the “Mailing List” icon on our home page. Or click here.


12. Our Program is easy to use and offers you exciting benefits.

Earn  your StyleMiles:

You will be rewarded for shopping online with Miles For Style.
For every R5 you spend you will earn 1 StyleMile.
Depending on your Tier – you will further receive a % spend back.

Redeem your StyleMiles:

Once you have shopped and want to check out and pay, you will be offered different payment options.
You can pay with your StyleMiles, or pay part of your payment with your StyleMiles and pay the rest with your credit card.

As a StyleMile member you will receive the following benefits:

Stylish online shopping delivered to your doorstep.
Hassle free shopping.
You will be invited to join beautiful campaigns.
Sign into our Newsletter and keep updated on all our offerings.
Shop with your StyleMile and top up by paying with your credit card.
StyleMiles only expire after 12 months.
For every R5 you shop you are rewarded with 1 StyleMile.


Terms And Conditions
1. Miles For Style reserves the right to alter or change operational conditions of the Style Mile programme or to terminate it at any point.

2. In the event you wish to opt-out of the of the StyleMiles programme, please email admin@milesforstyle.com or contact Admin on 021-461 6632.

3. Any abuse whatsoever of the StyleMile member to Miles For Style staff by any person constitutes a criminal offence and Miles For Style reserves the right to cancel such person’s membership and withhold all StyleMiles from her/his account.

4. Being registered as a member of the StyleMile programme irrevocably signifies your agreement to the above Terms and Conditions. Miles For Style, its organisers, promoters, partners or agencies do not bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, or asset damage howsoever arising from inclusion or participation in the StyleMile programme.

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